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Tax law

Tax law

"Tax is defined as the branch of law covering all rules relating to taxes. It also refers to the participation of taxpayers in the financial organisation of the state and in the expression of economic and social policy. Swiss federalism has left his mark on the Swiss tax system. Each canton has its own tax law. This means that there are 26 ways of taxing income, wealth, inheritance and other taxable items.

This is an area that is constantly changing, both nationally and internationally. The various changes have a direct impact on business life. To understand what is at stake, we have to go back to the financial crisis of 2008.The problem is that in addition to the financial crisis, there is unemployment and a high profit tax rate for domestic companies in the EU. 

For international companies, they may be based in Ireland or Luxembourg but can operate in other European countries Completing your tax return, how to declare a side gain, an annuity or any other income. Tax advice and optimisation, sale and acquisition of property, contact us and let us guide you and put you in touch with a tax expert."